Shimano ultegra’s
Not sure I’ve enjoyed every water I have spent time on, whether it be a small weedy intimate lake or a big snaggy pit...
Welwyn, Hertfordshire
Not sure, a lot of people call me by my last name ‘Vallory’
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Luke has been completely obsessed with carp fishing since the age of 12, having caught his first carp by mistake on a local park lake whilst fishing for perch on a stick float with maggots. After that day, all Luke wanted to do was experience that again and learn about carp fishing!

Growing up fishing local day tickets with a couple of friends who were just as keen their weekends were complete! As soon as Luke started driving, he took his own path and began fishing more on his own by joining a club lake in the lea valley. Feeling a little out of depth, but I wanting to take that next step he never had any guidance with his angling as none of luke’s family members are anglers. Pretty much just picked things up from a young age and learning together with friends. Luke’s angling has always remained steady, managing to keep a social life and relationships especially in his late teens to now, he’s never pushed myself away from that! After a taste of the club lake, Luke was keener than ever, doing college overnighters, bait missions, it was great having a car allowing that freedom to do what he wanted. Lots of trial and ever but catching some nice carp along the way! Things progressed quite quickly and he was on to the next challenge, joining a syndicate lake called Carthagena, a very weedy pit with tricky customers. Then moving onto a big park lake in the valley, known as the North met! Luke knew he was out of his comfort zone but learnt a whole new style of angling on there! Big casts, watercraft more than ever, dealing with crayfish and the public at times with it being a park lake, in a rough area! Just generally what it took to pursue a journey to catch big carp! The list of lakes goes on in valley! Travelling to Essex where he enjoyed fishing the Quarry in little doses here and there, a big local reservoir with some lovely old carp in. Local stretches of river during recent winters and sometimes back to day tickets including Sandhurst for a better chance during the cold months! He’s pretty much covered most avenues of carp fishing and enjoyed experiencing it all. Currently on his second season on Dinton White swan, a little further to travel, but an incredible stock of wily scaly carp, to keep the flame high on there…