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Danny Fairbrass is founder and Managing Director of Korda. He started making leads in his kitchen 24 years ago. He first sold the leads out of two little black buckets, walking round Walthamstow Reservoirs in the early 1990s. It all changed when he took his 2oz and 3oz Zipp-style leads to a couple of local tackle shops; there was clearly a demand for high quality leads and for different shapes and sizes, so Danny set about commissioning his own moulds and Korda was born!

Danny's carp fishing started on the club lakes in Essex, being a young lad meant he could only fish waters he could get to by bus or by bike. He caught his first double aged fifteen, a 10lb 4oz common from The Piggeries in Hadleigh, near his Mum’s house. It took him six more years of fishing every weekend and once he started work overnighters during the week to catch his first twenty, a 21lb 14oz common from The Little Grange, also in Essex.

That was 25 years ago. In the meantime his target fish have got heavier and so has he! Nowadays, Danny fishes a mixture of day-ticket waters like Walthamstow and Linear and zero-publicity syndicates. He chooses venues because he like the strains of carp in them and for the 'feel' of the water itself. He has gone through the 'big is best' part of his carp fishing and now prefers somewhere with a nice atmosphere and affable members, rather than the dog-eat-dog world of the modern-day circuit water.

He also fishes abroad on a regular basis, starting in Holland more than 20 years ago, moving onto Belgium and then France. His favourite water of all time is Lac Du Der Chantecoq, a 16,000-acre reservoir in Champagne region.

He has also fished further afield in South Africa, a country he loves to visit every year. The winter sun, stunning carp and unique surroundings make it the perfect tonic to cure the winter blues.

He has fished commercial waters and wild ones including the rivers Saone in France and Maas in Holland and Belgium; he values each on its own merits and looks for the best in them all. Equality is very important to Danny and he is not one to criticise someone for fishing a commercial lake if that's what they want to do. Similarly, if someone wants to fish wild waters and hide away from the crowds, that's up to them too. He feels there is too much of a 'my-carp-is-better-than-your-carp' attitude right across Europe. He thinks that, providing you enjoy yourself, who cares what anyone else thinks; time is our most precious commodity so it's up to us how we spend it.

Danny's time is very loosely divided between his personal life, his work commitments with Korda, Guru, Gigantica (his lakes in France), work fishing for TV shows/DVD projects like Masterclass and finally, his own fishing, which only takes priority at the 'hot' times of the year, like spring and autumn.

More recently he has added to the workload by starting and solely funding Embryo Angling Habitats, a totally not-for-profit organisation with two objectives: create more fisheries for the working man and fencing existing waters from the threat of otter predation. This is starting small but with three fisheries in its portfolio in the first year and several more independently run waters being fenced, the future is bright for this organisation.

Because he has so many commitments, Danny does not have a presence on Facebook or Twitter, although he has some imposters on both, which he thinks is very weird. You can contact him on info@Korda.co.uk, he does his best to reply personally, and if he can't someone else will. You will often see him at conferences and angling exhibitions, an environment he really enjoys. Finally, never be afraid to say hello on the bank. You will find him more than approachable, unless he's just lost a big ‘un! He loves meeting people and sees it a nice compliment, not a chore...