Withy Pool Rig


Steve Renyard created this rig at famous big-fish water, Withy Pool, in the 1990s. Steve harnessed the power of the sweeping curved section of shrink tube to fool some of the most pressured big fish around. As soon as the carp’s bottom lip touches the back of the shrink-tube curve, the rig spins round into perfect position to hook. The buoyant pop-up is essential to help the rig spin and it really doesn’t seem to work well as a bottom-bait setup.

When critically balanced, this rig presents well over most lakebed types, apart from heavy weed or debris. In those circumstances, use a chod rig, which is in effect the hook section of a Withy anyway! It can be tied as we have here, or with a sliding ring on the shank of the hook, as Steve originally intended. Use it with a boilie hook bait over boilies, or with double pop-up corn over particles.

Components Needed

  • N-Trap Soft
  • Wide Gape Hook
  • Shrink Tube
  • Dark Matter Putty