Although many people know this rig as the Jonny Mac Rig, it was actually developed by long-time carper and great rig mind, Mike Kavanagh. That’s not to take anything away from Jon McAllister, because he has outwitted a whole host of huge carp using this presentation and continues to do so!

The strength of the Multi-Rig is its extreme versatility. The loop at the hook end not only adds stiffness to the rig, but it also allows you to change hook and bait at the drop of a hat. Just take the large loop up and over the point of the hook and slide the hook off, it couldn’t be simpler.

The stiffness that the doubled section of N-Trap creates is key to the hooking efficiency of the rig as is the angle that the Choddy hooks sits at on the loop. When fished critically balanced, or slightly overweighted, the multi rig kicks the hook bait away from the lead each and every time, giving excellent presentation. The little break in the coating allows the rig to spin and catch hold when sucked in by a fish.

The multi rig can be used as a bottom-bait presentation too, as Mike Kavanagh often does. The angle created when you use a bottom-bait hook like a Wide Gape helps flip the hook into position to take hold in the bottom lip.

Components Needed

  • N-Trap Soft or N-Trap Semi Stiff
  • Choddy Hook
  • Small Rig Ring
  • Split Shot and Dark Matter Putty (or both!)