An awesome bottom-bait rig which was developed by Tom Dove, while fishing at Walthamstow.

1. These are the components that you need to tie Tom Dove's muzza rig.

2. Pull off 16 inches of N-Trap Soft and strip back seven inches of coating.

3. Now tie an overhand loop in the end of the unstripped section.

4. Carefully drill 1cm into the centre of an 18mm bait.

5. This is how the bait should look when drilled out.

6. Insert a cork stick and trim off the stick as indicated.

7. You should be left with a small amount sticking out.

8. Now pierce the bait with a fine gated needle.

9. Thread the bait onto the hair and secured it with a hair stop.

10. Slide a Kurv Shank onto the link and position it like this.

11. Make two turns up the shank, knotless knot fashion.

12. Pull the hair away from the shank and continue to make turns up the shank.

13. Make nine turns up the shank, above the hair.

14. That's the finished hooking arrangement.

15. Tie the link to a Ring Swivel, using a grinner knot.

16. That's the finished rig, give it a try over scattered boilies.