The Chod Rig must be the rig of the century. It has accounted for countless numbers of monstrous carp including The Burghfield Common, Heather The Leather and many, many more. Anglers such as Terry Hearn, Nick Helleur and Jim Shelley never go without a chod so you know it's a winner. Learn how to tie it now...

1. You'll need these bits to create the perfect chod.

2. Start by stripping off eight inches of Mouth Trap.

3. Thread a Choddy hook onto your Mouth Trap section.

4. Begin to whip the knotless knot, away from the eye closure.

5. Finish up the knotless knot.

6. Pop a rig ring onto the tag that projects up from the knot.

7. Slide a small rig ring onto the tag, then poke the tag through the eye and trim off the excess.

8. Blob the tag end to secure the D rig arrangement.

9. Use the tapered end of a Chod-It tool to create a teardrop-shaped D.

10. Your chod rig should now be looking like this.

11. Now tie a size-11 ring swivel onto the other end using a two-turn blood knot.

12. Straighten the link between two Chod-It tools.

13. Snip off the tag from the swivel not and blob this too.

14. Mould some Dark Matter putty around the top eye of the swivel.

15. Tie your chosen pop-up onto the rig ring and blob the floss tags.

16. That's the chod rig tied.