The KD rig was the brainchild of top Essex angler Steve Eaves and was adopted by many top anglers, like Ali Hamidi and Tom Dove. The hair positioning is critical to the mechanics of the rig and always ensures that the hook hangs in optimum hooking position when used with a buoyant bait.

1. These are the components required to tie this KD presentation.

2. Remove 10 inches or so of the Supernatural from the spool.

3. Create a hair in the material by tying a simple overhand knot.

4. Push a 12mm pop-up onto a fine baiting needle, like so.

5. Place the hair into the clasp and begin to slide it on.

6. Fix the hook bait in place with a Korda Bait Stop. This prevents it from falling from.

7. Measure the length of the hair against the bend of the Kurv hook.

8. Whip over the hair two times going down the hook's shank.

9. Hold the hair out and then whip five turns underneath it, like so.

10. Then, take the tag end back through the front of the eye and pull it tight.

11. Your rig is nearly there and it should now be looking like this.

12. Always have a variety of split shot to choose from. Each pop-up has a different degree of buoyancy.

13. Squeeze the correct split shot onto the hair. The shot should be anchored to the lake bed.

14. Now tie a Link Loop to the opposing end of the hooklength to allow the quick change of the rig.

15. Your rig will now be looking like this if tied correctly.

16. Your pop-up will then waft freely above the split shot which is anchoring it in place.