When used in the correct circumstance, the maggot rig can be deadly. Maggot presentations can dominate waters during the colder month's, especially where there are small numbers of nuisance species. Combine the rig with a large, stocking bag of wriggly critters and you will have one fantastic presentation.

1. The components required to tie the rig.

2. Grab your N-Trap Soft and strip back six inches of coating.

3. Tie on the Maggot Klip using a grinner knot.

4. Slide a length of Silicone Tubing down the hooklength.

5. Carefully nick your hook point through the tubing.

6. Now poke the hook link through the eye of the hook, like this.

7. Your rig should now look like this.

8. Whip the hook in place using a knotless knot.

9. Now slide a 1.5cm section of shrink tubing onto the link.

10. Pop it onto the hook by sliding it over the eye.

11. Shrink the tubing down and let is for this natural angle as it cools.

12. Begin to tie a size-eight swivel onto the other end of the link using a grinner knot.

13. Carefully moisten the knot and ease it down to the swivel eye.

14. Open up the clasp and begin to thread on the maggots.

15. Continue to add maggots and then close up the Klip.

16. Your rig should now look like this. Mega effective!