With this hybrid rig, you truly get the best of both worlds. The fluorocarbon boom section gives you invisibility with stiff, anti-tangle properties, while the braid gives you a natural-acting hook bait. The IQ2 fluorocarbon boom blends in with the bottom due to its refractive index, which is close to that of water itself. It also helps to kick the bait away from the lead on the cast. This is imperative in preventing tangles and ensuring the best presentation and hooking potential. Some Dark Matter putty or a Sinker can be added halfway along to ensure that it sits flush to the lakebed.

A soft, two-inch section of Supernatural is then tied securely to the fluorocarbon using a very neat knot, called the Albright knot. It’s a knot that Gaz Fareham absolutely swears by so you know it’s a winner. The supple section allows movement, thus causing the bait to act more naturally on the lakebed, rather than sitting rigid like a stiff fluorocarbon would. It also allows the shrink tube section to flip the hook quickly into prime hooking position.

This rig is generally used as a bottom-bait/balanced rig. It also works very well with imitation corn, popping the corn up on the short, supple section. This is balanced with the correct split shot. Again, try the various combinations to see which one works for you.

Components Needed

  • IQ2 Fluorocarbon 15lb or 20lb
  • Supernatural Braid
  • Wide Gape or Kurv Shank Hook
  • Micro Rig Ring
  • Shrink Tubing
  • Pulla Tool
  • Link Loop