The chod rig is perhaps the most popular rig of all time. So, why do so many anglers, professionals and novices alike, use the short, stiff, pop-up rig? Well, it’s practically tangle free, presents the bait perfectly over any type of bottom debris and carp find it very hard to eject because of its inherent stiffness and curve.

Now, the chod rig is a specialised pop-up presentation and has to be tied carefully using the correct components. A stiff material, in this case, Korda Mouthtrap, is an absolute must because it allows you to form that all-important curve that helps spin the hook into prime hooking position when touched by a carp. It also needs to be used in conjunction with a mega-buoyant pop-up. Anglers have experimented using it coupled with a bottom bait, but it’s nowhere near as effective.

Construct the rig with our dedicated Choddy hook pattern and Kable leadcore leader and Leadcore Chod safety System, or go naked with our Naked Chod Safety System and you have one awesome combination, that’s also as safe as they come.

Components Needed

  • Korda Mouthtrap
  • Choddy Hook
  • Size-11 Ring Swivel
  • Small Rig Ring
  • Lighter
  • Chod-It Tool or Pulla Tool
  • Kable Leadcore
  • Leadcore Chod Safety System
  • Dark Matter Putty