Used extensively by top carpers Adam Penning and Simon Scott, this simple bottom bait presentation is both easy-to-tie and very effective. The rig is constructed using the ever-faithful knotless knot, but features two sections of tubing that cater for two very different purposes.

The shrink tubing is steamed over the eye of the hook. This encourages the point to flip in the carp’s mouth, thus allowing it to catch hold in the bottom lip. Try the ‘palm test’ to see how effectively it flips. To further this, roll a large segment of putty around the hook link an inch or so away from the hook. The extra weight will then cause the hook to drop, once again allowing it to pull into the bottom lip.

The second, smaller section of tubing, this time our dedicated Silicone Tubing, is placed on the bend of the hook. This holds the hook bait in place and prevents the hair from wrapping around the shank on the cast. Not only that, it also acts as an indicator. If a fish has sucked in the hook bait and blown it out without getting hooked, the silicone will have slid up the shank towards the eye. If this is the case, you’ve been ‘done’. A cracking rig for the avid bottom-bait user.

Components Needed

  • Hybrid Stiff
  • Wide Gape Or Wide Gape X Hook
  • Shrink Tubing
  • Silicone Tubing
  • Link Loop
  • Pulla
  • Strippa