Thinking Tackle OD Season 2 Episode 3 TRAILER

Thinking Tackle OD Episode 3: Danny Fairbrass & Lawrence East |
Korda Carp Fishing 2019 | Linear Fisheries

Carp angler Danny Fairbrass is joined by Korda sponsored angler Lawrence East at one of the UK’s best big carp day ticket fisheries… Linear Fisheries, Oxford. In this episode of Thinking Tackle On Demand the guys take on a lake known as Brasenose One, home to two and a half thousand carp.
The lake makes both guys work for their bites and Loz shows off the grit and determination that makes him such a good angler. Both Danny and Loz finally begin landing fish on two very different methods, Loz fishing maggots and Danny fishing sweetcorn with plastic corn over the top. Tips, tactics and an insight into fishing with plastic baits and maggots gives this episode a classic Thinking Tackle feel.

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Available... Monday 1st April 7pm


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