THINKING TACKLE is back for 2019!

Danny Fairbrass and Darrell Peck bring you a BRAND NEW episode of Thinking Tackle On Demand... and they are going BIG! The Korda duo catch huge fish, talk carp fishing tactics and share rig advice designed purposely to help catch you more carp.
🇫🇷 Filmed at an amazing 60 acre public lake in central France the first episode is part of a two part special... get ready for an old fashioned Danny and Pecky smash ‘em up!
As you would expect, it isn’t long before both Darrell and Danny start to catch, but they are surprised at just how good the fishing turns out to be and the quality of the fish that they are catching. Episode one is packed to the brim and to top it off one of them lands a very special (and very big) fish.
THINKING TACKLE Season 2 Episode 1 - Monday 1st April 7pm
Available on YouTube and the official Korda website

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Thinking Tackle Online - Episode 4 TRAILER

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Thinking Tackle Online Episode 4 Part 2 - TRAILER

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Thinking Tackle Online - Episode 3 TRAILER

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Thinking Tackle Season 8 - Ep 8

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