Pecky's Big Carp Buzz | German River

Carp fishing machine Darrell Peck visits an amazing German River for an epic adventure completely out of his comfort zone. The overwhelming scale of the German River soon reveals itself and a usually confident Darrell realises the size of the task ahead. BUT this is Pecky we are talking about... he soon gets to work catching some of it’s stunning old residents.

Adrenaline filled, Emotionally charged, Epic scenery, Remote locations and beautiful carp make this ‘German River’ episode the perfect introduction to the BRAND NEW Pecky’s Big Carp Buzz.

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Masterclass Vol 5 OFFICIAL TRAILER

ONLINE at 6:00PM on SUNDAY 21st JANUARY 2018.

Did you know Pecky uses a DEEPER Pro+?

Here he is using adjustable zigs to catch angers at Linear!

Deeper Pro Plus Onshore GPS mapping with Korda Koach

Learn how to GPS map your lake with Korda Koach Rob Burgess


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