Masterclass 7 PODCAST Special

Korda Thinking Tackle Podcast #010 ft: Danny Fairbrass, Darrell Peck, Tom Dove and Rob Burgess. For the first time we have all 4 presenters from the latest MASTERCLASS series in the studio to discuss everything Carp Fishing!

They talk flat rod technique controversy, bait boats, drones and the lads individually go through their own chapters. PLUS the team answer YOUR questions from Insta, Facebook and Twitter… #awkward

A seriously enjoyable podcast that is bursting with tip, tricks, edges and answers to questions you’ve always wanted to know!

Over the years, Korda’s MASTERCLASS series has helped develop the Carp fishing skills of many anglers. The newly released Masterclass Volume 7 series, available on free DVD or to watch online, continues to give the most up to date Carp fishing tactics, tips and ideas.

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Thinking Tackle Podcast #007 | Tom Dove

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Thinking Tackle Podcast #005 | Simon Hartop

We talk Subsurface, fishing the thames and catching secret carp

The Thinking Tackle Podcast #001 - Danny Fairbrass

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Thinking Tackle Season 8 - Ep 8

Stalking expert Simon Scott shows how to catch close in.

Thinking Tackle Season 6 - Ep 8

James Armstrong and Tom Dove tackle the day-only Walthamstow

Thinking Tackle Season 6 - Ep 5

Ali Hamidi and Tom Dove haul on St Johns on the Linear Fisheries


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