Darrell Peck - Big Belgium Canal Carp

Korda carp angler Darrell Peck visits the Kempisch Canal in search of a Big Belgium Canal Carp. Last year (2018) Darrell set out on a Belgium adventure to catch a 50lb (20+ kg) carp. Watch as he tells his story of a very cool trip that is full of summer carp fishing tips, epic canals and, most importantly, very big carp.
Darrell's first call on the trip was a visit to the post office, he purchases the ticket that allows him to carp fish from the local B Post for 48 euros. With this ticket he has access to more 50lb + carp than in the whole of the UK. Pecky meets up with friend and fellow angler Derek Harrison whom he has fished the canal with in previous years. It wasn’t Darrell first visit to the area and in previous visits he had come very close to catching “the big one” but never quite managed it. It doesn’t take long before he is moving around, dropping into new areas and catching fish... but these are not the big girls he has come for.
Up to this point Darrell hasn’t caught a 50lb+ carp he has been targeting, even though he has seen it over a couple of visits. He has to make it happen… follow him as he figures out the best approach to catch the big Belgium carp and shares some great tips along the way. Short under arm casts, small amounts of baits and super close in fishing is the order of the day all carp fishing techniques you can use in your own angling. Darrell proves that patients when stalking fish / catching fish at close range pays off but not always the first time around. Even for a seasoned angler like Pecky nothing is guaranteed.

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