Ali Hamidi talks NEW Tackle Box

NEW Korda Tackle Box | The complete tackle storage system, designed to allow you to have the most amount of kit possible for a minimal footprint. A ‘big brother’ to the Tackle Safe, the Tackle Box is an alternative option for those needing to take just a little more end tackle on the bank for longer sessions, trips abroad, or just to cover all fishing situations they might find themselves in. Korda maintains the ethos of ‘less clutter, more carp’ with this product, and allows even more choice for the angler when choosing a tackle storage system. The Tackle Box is designed to accommodate the NEW Korda Leader-Safe, Mini-Boxes, Korda square hook link spools, and Kamakura hook boxes, with everything fitting perfectly. A Compac 220 will also be introduced into our Compac Luggage System range, and this is designed specifically to fit a Tackle Box inside it.

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Masterclass Vol 5 OFFICIAL TRAILER

ONLINE at 6:00PM on SUNDAY 21st JANUARY 2018.

THINKING TACKLE is back for 2019!

Available... Monday 1st April 7pm

Thinking Tackle Season 7 - Ep 5

Against the clock, Ali and Dovey tackle Nunnery Fishery


Thinking Tackle Season 8 - Ep 8

Stalking expert Simon Scott shows how to catch close in.

Thinking Tackle Season 6 - Ep 8

James Armstrong and Tom Dove tackle the day-only Walthamstow

Thinking Tackle Season 6 - Ep 5

Ali Hamidi and Tom Dove haul on St Johns on the Linear Fisheries


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