Thinking Tackle Podcast #018 | Neil Spooner

Neil Spooner is one of the hosts of the biggest carp fishing show on TV…Monster Carp, he is also Korda developments European sales manager and all round nice guy.
Best known for starring alongside Tom Dove and Ali Hamidi in itv4’s series “Monster Carp” he has also appeared in Thinking Tackle On Demand and the recent Carp Project films by Mainline Baits.

Neil has been fortunate enough to have fished around the globe for some of the biggest carp in the world. Along the way he has racked up some true monster’s, notably one of Lac de Saint-Cassiens largest carp, weighing in at over 70 pounds.

Away from his TV fishing, Neil fishes around his home county of Essex and enjoys time with his family. He is exceptionally passionate about angling and is on the bank at least one night per week.

On this episode of the podcast, Neil talks about his amazing Monster Carp adventures, life at Korda, his previous life working in a tackle shop, PB’s, his family and a lot more.

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