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Masterclass 9 is out Sunday 16th January

You can’t afford to miss the new Korda Masterclass 9, which is about to go online, as it is packed full of tips and tricks that will help you to put more carp on the bank!
Masterclass 9 includes three chapters and almost 2.5 hours of viewing, which cover very different styles of fishing, and go into great depth on how to get the best from particular tactics, as well as the tweaks and variations that you can make to keep the bites coming.
Korda boss Danny Fairbrass pays a visit to Embryo Angling’s Phil’s Lake, which is a weedy gravel pit in Oxfordshire, and where he goes into great depth about exactly how, why, and when, he likes to fish bottom baits – which for him also includes any buoyant bait where the hook is still on the lakebed.
Not only does he go into detail on the type of rigs that he uses for this sort of fishing, as well as his choice of hookbait – whether that be match-the-hatch or something which stands out – but also how he baits up; the type of spot he is looking for and where within a spot he likes to position his rigs; and how to keep the bites coming throughout a session if the action does slow down.
This type of fishing is essential to have in your armoury, as there are good periods of the year where the fish are happy to come in and feed heavily on baited areas, and you want to be able to maximise your chances of catching as many as possible.
Darrell Peck takes a very different approach with his chapter looking at fishing pop-ups in the spring, and pays a visit to the legendary Wraysbury One North Lake to put a variety of rigs through their paces.
In recent times, for many anglers fishing a pop-up involves the use of a spinner rig, and although Darrell does use one during these sessions at Wraysbury, he actually shows how much more effective other presentations can be at times, especially when fishing over debris or low-lying weed.
Hinged stiff and chod rigs feature heavily in this chapter, and Darrell shows exactly how he likes to tie them and the materials he uses for doing so, as well as the importance of the buoyancy of your pop-ups so they continue to hold the rig up off the bottom, and how to ensure that happens consistently.
Just as important as the rigs themselves is the type of lead set-up and exactly how that is fished to ensure the rig is presented properly, and Darrell goes into detail about exactly how he uses each and the type of bottom that he will fish them over.
He also manages to catch some stunning looking carp along the way, as well as revealing plenty of general carp fishing tips and tricks that to improve your fishing.
Solid PVA bags are a brilliant way of presenting a mouthful of food with your hookbait in the middle of it, but they’re an under-used tactic and many still see them as not being worth the hassle, but watching this chapter with Korda Koach Rob Burgess should change your mind, as he is a master at getting the best from them!
During the course of this chapter Rob successfully fishes solid bags at two very different venues. Firstly he pays a visit to Farlows Lake, which involves casting them incredibly accurately tight to islands and other features, and where if you don’t get it just right, you probably won’t get a bite.
For this style of fishing Rob favours a PVA bag set-up which closely resembles a flatbed feeder style of presentation, and he shows exactly how to pack the bags to create this, as well as the type of rig that he fishes with it.
PVA bags also have their uses when fishing over beds of bait though, and can often result in quicker bites as their level of attraction is higher than the free offerings around them, and so having proved their effectiveness at Farlows, Rob then pays a visit to Brasnose, on the Linear Fisheries complex, so show a very different style of fishing them – at long range and over a spodded bed of bait. This involves tying them differently to ensure that they will cast the required distance, and he also goes through all the other aspects of this style of fishing on a busy day ticket water.
No matter whether you have just recently got into carp fishing, or have been at it for years, there is always something new to learn and try, and these three thought-provoking chapters should certainly teach you something.