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Korda Koach Rob Burgess will be available around the UK (and occasionally in Europe) to offer FREE carp fishing coaching for anyone fishing at the lake he is visiting.

Rob is the official KOACH for Korda and has caught them from literally every type of water imaginable, he has been a prominent member of our sponsored angler team for some time.

His remit is to stop at anyone he passes and simply ask them if they need any help with any part of their angling, be it rigs, bait, casting, baiting up, feature finding, location, floater fishing, zigs and of course playing, landing and photographing fish. He will be helping any angler make more from the tackle they already have, and it doesn't matter what company that tackle comes from. So, if your tackle box is full of ESP or Fox or Nash he will help you to get the best from that, not pressure you to use Korda.

The Koach is about giving something back to the sport and helping people get the very most from their free time, whether they use Korda or not. Of course, he will be showing our kit if the angler doesn't have what he thinks they need to succeed. He will have lots of ‘special’ hookbaits from Mainline - some doused in our favourite Goo’s, as well as the amazing new Link boilies and hookbaits.

Rob will be working the day ticket venues first and foremost and will be on the bank eight hours a day, you can visit him at any of the lakes in the above diary… approach him for free advice.