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Over depth zig rig

Over depth zig fishing (where the hook bait is allowed to sit on the surface) is essentially floater fishing in a more static form than the traditional method.

If you don’t know the depth of the area you are fishing, use a marker rod to establish the exact depth, then make the hook length between six inches and 2ft longer. This is then attached to either a lead clip system or a drop off inline system, ensuring the loss of the lead every time. This rig can be baited with one of your favoured hook baits such as a cork ball or a pale, trimmed down pop-up.
Once the hook bait is fixed in position and your rod on its rest you can concentrate on feeding. Drift bait over the hook bait rather than baiting right on top of it. This will keep the fish confident and with the lack of recasting needed with this method, you will have more chance of a bite.

When fishing up against surface weed, which the carp love to spend the sunny days in and around, it can be the ideal method. The weed gives them enough cover to be nice and confident and with the weed holding the freebies in position your anchored bait will look just like one of the others.
This can be a really exciting method and the change from a normal floater set up can save a lot of hassle, give it a try!

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