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Tie a Standard Zig Rig

This sequence shows you how to tie a standard zig hook link. This particular rig was used by Craig Runham, during a successful winter period fishing with zigs at the famous Sandhurst lake. Craig used this setup to keep bites coming in the cold, and he banked some big 'us too!

Learn how to tie a Zig Rig now step by step....

The steps are listed out above by scrolling through the images and we have also laid them out for you below.

Step 1: Get what you need ready to make the Zig Rig:

- N-Gauge - find out more here: https://www.korda24.com/lines-hooklengths/189-n-gauge.html

- Shrink Tubing - find out more here: http://www.korda.co.uk/fishingtackle/rig-bitz/shrink-tubing

- Mixa - find out more here: http://www.korda.co.uk/fishingtackle/surface-systems/mixa

Right, let's make the rig!

Step 2: Start by pulling off a length of N-Gauge, a little longer than you expect to fish it.

Step 3: Now, mount your hook bait onto a baiting needle.

Step 4: After tying an overhand loop in the end of the link, slide the foam disks on and secure with a hair stop.

Step 5: Next, whip a Mixa hook onto the link, using the knotless knot

Step 6: Now slides a piece of clear shrink tubing over the eye of the hook.

Step 7: Then, carefully shrink it down, over a steaming kettle.

Step 8: Decide how high in the water you wants to fish your bait, and tie a loop in the end of the link.

Step 9: Finally, trim the hook bait to create a neat finish.

Step 10: There you are, a standard zig setup

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