Get Kovered

Korda Kover is something far removed from what we normally do. We’re entering the world of tackleinsurance. Korda have partnered up with CCV who are specialists in bespoke Sport and Leisure insurance.

So why have we done it?

Have you ever priced up how much fishing kit you own? Ever wondered what you would do if it all got stolen? How long would it take to get the money to replace it all? What if you accidently broke that £300 fishing rod? What if your freezer breaks down with your bait in? Whether you’re on the bank, at home, or en route to your venue, your tackle is at risk from theft or damage 24/7. Are you Kovered? We reckon thatthe average angler vastly underestimates the amount of tackle that they own - and in many instances none of this equipment is insured.

We analysed typical home insurance policies out there and realised they offered very little for the angler. Hence why we partnered up with CCV Sports and Leisure to develop an insurance policy for angling. We’ve sat down and considered various scenarios that you’ll find yourselves in and where your tackle will be at risk. Never before has there been an insurance policy develop FOR ANGLING BY ANGLERS. This KOVER is so comprehensive that it even covers the bait in your freezer, if your freezer packs in! It isn’t just limited to carp fishing. Game anglers, match anglers and every genre of freshwater angling can be covered. It’s an absolute no brainer in our eyes. Why carry the risk or burden of potentially replacing your kit? GET KOVER.

If insuring your cherished fishing tackle wasn’t reason enough to get Kover, we nearly forgot to mentionthat ALL those who get any level of Kover in 2013 also get £50 of Korda or Guru tackle as a joining gift.

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