Solid Bag Leaders

- Dedicated leaders, designed for use with solid PVA bags
- Made with Kable leadcore
- Spliced loops allow pre-tied bags to be looped on in an instant!
- Supplied with a size-eight ring swivel spliced on for use with inline leads

These readymade leadcore leaders have been designed for speedy solid-bag fishing – allowing you to take advantage of what might be short feeding windows!
Thanks to a spliced loop, they can be simply looped on and off your main line, which means that you can tie several bags in preparation for hauling and loop a new one on in an instant!
The leaders are tied with 1ft lengths of our proven Kable leadcore and feature a size-eight ring swivel, which makes them ideal for use with inline leads.
We recommend tying a figure-of-eight loop in the end of your main line to allow for rapid changing of bag setups.