Square Pear Inline

Due to the four flat sides on the lead, it’s virtually impossible for the carp to roll this lead on the bottom. This means the carp has to move the whole lead, so feeling the full weight instantly.

The compact shape plus the flat sides and smooth tapering make the square pear inline the most effective bolt lead available today. If you are fishing ultra hard waters or need to improve the efficiency of your bolt rig the square pear inline is the only lead to use.

The large flat surface area creates as much grip on the lakebed as possible. This enables you to fish on marginal shelves and slopes, on top of or on sides of bars without fear of the rig rolling down. The improved grip also allows you to get a super tight line, ideal at range or when fishing against snags. This makes this lead perfect when boating out baits on big foreign waters or when river fishing.

SQPi11 – 1.1oz/21g
SQPi1.5 – 1.5oz/43g
SQPi2 – 2oz/57g
SQPi25 – 2.5oz/71g
SQPi3 – 3oz/85g
SQPi35 – 3.5oz/99g
SQPi4 – 4oz/113g
SQPi5 – 5oz/142g