Flatliner DIstance Inline

This lead was based on a sea fishing design, which was used to hold the bottom over wrecks far out at sea. The four flat sides ensured that the lead always fell on one flat side and rarely rolled over.

The nose-heavy theme has been continued here so this lead will cast a very long way for an inline. During its first ever field testing Danny Fairbrass and Danny Turtle had over 90 carp in four nights on a big Dutch water - over half of those were over 20lb.

Danny recalls, "The first night we both had a couple of twenties each but felt we should be doing better. A change over to a stiff link coupled with the prototype Flatliner Distance produced immediate takes for me, mainly because I felt the carp there had been hammered on soft hook links. So, moving over to a short stiff hook link with a heavy inline lead (the first prototypes were only in 4oz) made the rig act totally differently than what the carp were used to.
I caught loads more than Turtle because he had some mental block over the stiff rig, even though I was catching so many on it. Being in the last swim before the out of bounds may have had something to do with it! Good angling I say, I drove so I got the pick of the spots!

You can see from the photo, fish a Flatliner Distance on a hard bottom like gravel sand or clay and the shape will actually hold the loop of a stiff rig off the bottom allowing a very free pivot point for the hook link. So, if the bottom is clean and hard and you are fishing with boilies (stiff rigs don't work with small baits like particles, they restrict the movement of a small bait too much) then try that combination.

FDI15 - 1.5oz / 43g
FDI2 - 2oz / 56g
FDI25 - 2.5oz / 70g
FDI3 - 3oz / 84g
FDI35 - 3.5oz / 100g
FDI4 - 4oz / 112g