Wide Gape X

The Wide Gape X is a beefed-up version of the Wide Gape, designed for use in the most extreme fishing situations on the Planet. It's been road-tested on infamously snaggy waters, like Rainbow Lake, and has even been used to land monster species like Arapaima and Mekong Catfish.
Just like it's little brother, the Wide Gape X is suited to both pop-up and bottom-bait presentations. The heavily forged, square bend, beaked point and in-turned eye combine to make sure that you land that elusive monster, whether you're fishing a hard syndicate in the UK, or dodging tree stumps on some Continental super-water.

Retail Ref:
KWGX1- Size 1 KWGX8- Size 8
KWGX2- Size 2 KWGX10- Size 10
KWGX4- Size 4 KWGX12- Size 12
KWGX6- Size 6