The Hybrid Wide Gape B is the same pattern as the wide gape but slightly heavier in the gauge to make the hook hold more secure. There is no barb to impede penetration so the thicker wire helps to keep the hook in.
We have only made the in-turned point pattern barbless because in-turned points stay in better once they are in because the hook has to turn out the same way it went in which is difficult. A great hook on waters that ban barbed.

Used By: Damian Clarke, Danny Fairbrass, Adam Penning, Simon Scott, Dave Gawthorn, Pete Castle.

KWGB1 - size 1 KWGB8 - size 8
KWGB2 - size 2 KWGB10 - size 10
KWGB4 - size 4 KWGB12 – size 12
KWGB6 - size 6

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