The Big Fish Off Guide To Fishing

- An illustrated guide to fishing
- All disciplines are covered, including sea fishing!
- Packed with tips from The Big Fish Off captains, Dean Macey and Ali Hamidi
- Featuring behind-the-scenes images from the hit ITV show

The Big Fish Off ‘Guide to Fishing’ is perfect for anyone looking to get into fishing as it gives an in-depth look at some of the tackle and techniques that were used during the show, as well as being a great read for more experienced anglers as it covers a wide variety of species and some more advanced techniques, as well as some of the behind-the-scenes stuff that the teams got up to during the making of the latest series of five programmes. With 248 pages in total it is packed full of information such as checklists of exactly what you need for that type of fishing, as well as some great diagrams that show exactly how to set up some of the rigs used during The Big Fish Off, and everyone is bound to learn something from it! It starts off looking at the basics of how to get started – as seen when Ali and Dean are joined by the likes of Sally Gunnell and Anna ‘AK’ Kelle who have never picked up a rod before – and then moves on to a wide range of topics, including who to tempt specimen fish, as well as taking a look at one of the top fishing holiday destinations at the moment, Thailand, and specifically Gillhams Resort where the climax of the latest series takes place. It is available in Korda stockists now, in paperback, and retails at £9.99.