Kore Thermal LS Shirt – Olive

• Brushed-back material, quick-dry, and comfortable to wear under anything.
• Designed as a base layer to wick away sweat and regulate your body heat.
• Extra long to prevent it coming untucked.
• Available in sizes S to 3XL.

Product details: the Kore Thermal Long Sleeve Shirt is designed to be worn in conjunction with the Kore Thermal Leggings, and has been made extra long so that it can be tucked into them and won’t come adrift when you are moving around or bending over, thus keeping your lower back covered. It is a base layer that can be worn under other items such as the Kore Polar Fleece, or any other hoodie, jumper, or similar. It is comfortable to wear, and although it is intended to hug your body, it is made from 92% polyester which makes the fabric stretchy and you won’t even notice that you are wearing it – other than feeling much warmer than usual!