Underwater 8 - PART 1

Danny Fairbrass, Ali Hamidi and Tom Dove show you amazing carp fishing underwater footage of HUGE carp and an insight into just how they react to carp fishing rigs, tactics and baits. Watch as Danny and the team see how selective the carp can be and just what happens underwater when you are carp fishing.

The first Underwater St Johns adventure made angling history in Underwater 7 and landing the lake’s biggest resident, The Big Plated, was a euphoric moment for Team Korda. However, Underwater 8, which was filmed during the same session, reaches new heights and breaks even more ground on our underwater journey!
New methods are tested; tactics such as solid bags and pop-ups are used for the very first time, alongside many more eye-opening approaches. The lads take an amazing haul of fish culminating in yet ANOTHER 40lb carp, making Underwater 8 the pinnacle of our work in this area.
Sit back, put your feet up and get ready for the angling shock of your lives.



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