Fishing the most FAMOUS lake in ESSEX

BURGESS & BLACK MOTH… Fishing the most FAMOUS lake in ESSEX

Carp fishing Korda Koach @rob__burgess and @the.blackmoth.carper invite us to join them on a 48 hours session at their syndicate lake, one of the most famous lakes in Essex… the ESSEX MANOR. Known for its huge carp (it has upwards of 25 x 40lb+ fish), and famous anglers that have fished here, the lads talk about the amazing number of big carp they caught during Spring 2020.

This video tells the story of the new member Rob coming onto the lake and starting his campaign from scratch. In contrast Essex Manor veteran Will has fished the lake on and off since he was 18 and has caught some of the best carp the lake has to offer. Watch as the lads talk about their own experiences of this amazing venue whilst showing you how they approach it during this session. A notoriously tricky lake at times, they even manage to catch a few live for the camera… including a stunning original.



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