Thinking Tackle Online - Episode 4 TRAILER

Thinking Tackle Online Episode 4 featuring The BIGGEST CARP ever caught by Team Korda on film!

A draw-dropping start to this two part special which sees a colossal carp... the biggest we have ever filmed! Danny Fairbrass, Neil Spooner and Jon Mann are joined by the Korda European sales team at the annual sales summit held at Trois Iles, France for a mixture of business and pleasure. Jon Mann catches a fish of a lifetime, a special result for him and the team… so much so everyone on the trip wound in to come and see the amazing creature. Commercial ‘pay lakes’ like this one get alot of pressure all the way through the year, so Thinking Tackle Online shows you just how Danny and the team tackle them as effectively as they can, so you can do the same in your own fishing.


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