IT’S BACK…. On Sunday 21st June 6.00pm get ready for a 100 minute long THINKING TACKLE OD Special!
This is the first of four episodes in the NEW SERIES of THINKING TACKLE OD and you can watch a new episode every Sunday 6pm.
Episode 1 - FRENCH LAKE PUBLIC ADVENTURE is, by far one of THE MOST EPIC FILMS that we have ever made!
Danny F and Darrell Peck take on a massive challenge in the form of a huge public water in central France, and to make things even harder – both for fishing and filming – it is days only and involves using boats to fish. Danny almost reaches breaking point, nothing is going right and then Darrell has a breakthrough making things take a turn for the better. This is Fairbrass and Peck at their fishing finest hunting for wild carp in even wilder conditions… showcasing skill and determination of the highest level.
THINKING TACKLE returns 21st June - 6:00pm
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