Did you know Pecky uses a DEEPER Pro+?

Darrell visited Linear Fisheries Official a few weeks back to film a session video on the famous Hardwick and Smiths. Due to its varying depths it's the perfect lake to showcase just how useful the Deeper Pro+ can be and why Pecky uses it. The weather, at the time, was inconsistent so Darrell had a variety of options on how he could fish... including zigs, adjustable zigs and on the bottom.
Darrell Peck explains, in his own words, how the approached this short 48 hour session:
“Arriving to the ChristmasTree Swim🎄on Hardwick-Smiths I saw several fish show. Having never fished that swim I wanted to get a rough idea of the depth in this area so I could set my zig rigs accordingly.... initially I thought my @buydeeper was broken. As when I cast it in the area I had seen the activity the screen instantly become filled with fish icons. It was only once pulled it back and they disappeared that I realised what I had already seen was the tip of a mother pod of carp sat over deep water. My opening gambit was an 8 foot zig, but after an hour without incident I knew something wasn’t right. Another quick cast with the deeper showed they were still there and I decided to change to an adjustable zig rig so I could work the layers without needing to recast. Setting the zig 6’ down had the desired effect and from that point forward I was waiting on average just just 30mins between takes. This fish was the biggest at just over 30lbs”



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