Thinking Tackle Podcast #014 | Luke Stevenson

Korda Thinking Tackle Podcast #014 - Luke Stevenson| Carp Fishing

Carp angler Luke Stevenson has an undeniable ability to catch large numbers of big carp from difficult venues. The consistent success of his big fish angling makes him, possibly, one of the best big carp anglers in the country.

His recent successes on Carthagena, a tricky Lea Valley gravel pit ran by renowned Big Carp angler Gerry Hammond has galvanised his reputation further. Over the 2 winter’s, Luke landed many of the lakes most prized fish, including “Tango” at a lake record weight of over 53 pounds.

This success has been replicated on other notable venues too, including, The North Met and the Shallow’s Lake on the St Ives complex.

Check out this in-depth podcast that gives you an insight into a man that generally shies away from the limelight. Some “mega” stories and even more “mega” fish…. Check it out.

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