Zigs produce a shared 28 carp haul at Linear's Brasenose One!

Brad Greening had his plans scuppered when there were no swims free on his chosen venue, but a switch to his back-up water resulted in a fantastic haul of winter carp.

Despite arriving at St Johns Lake on the Linear Fisheries complex four hours before the gates opened, Brad and his mate Rob Burgess found the lake totally rammed, so headed across the road to Brasenose 1 instead.

That resulted in the duo sharing 35 bites over the two nights they fished the popular Oxfordshire venue, landing 14 fish each, including a couple of 30s. Brad’s best fish weighed in at 33lb 8oz, and Rob bagged himself a new zig-caught personal best of 35lb 4oz.

Brad revealed: “We found a large group of fish in front of the point where the wind was blowing in, but that area was completely stitched up.

“I mentioned to Rob that the wind would be changing the following night and blowing down the other end and there were a number of swims free in that area, so we decided to take a gamble and set up in two adjacent swims.

“We decided to fish at the same distance at long range in the hope of getting a big area going between us and keeping the fish there, and we clipped up at 134 yards which was just our side of the middle of the lake, and further out than those around us were fishing at.

“We had four gallons of maggot each, and I was mixing mine with crumbled and chopped Mainline Cell boilies, whilst Rob was adding Sticky Baits’ new Manilla boilies to his mix. I was also adding Cell syrup to cloud up my mix as I was going to fish zigs, whilst Rob opted to fish on the deck.

“We were fishing similar to how we would in a match as a pair, and if one of our tactics kicked off the other person could switch to that. Our plan of attack was to bait little and often in the hope of attracting some fish, and then once they moved in front of us to give them plenty of grub to keep them grazing in the area.

“The first night was extremely slow and we hadn’t even had a bleep between us. All the swims were taken now and the fish were still down the other end of the lake, and all we could do was hope that our plan would work and that the weather man was right for a change!

“I was fishing my zigs at 8ft in 12ft of water, trying three different colours, and I knew that at night zigs at this depth were a deadly tactic. About 10pm on the second night the wind completely switched and we could hear fish boshing out as they followed the wind down to our end of the lake.

“At midnight I had an absolute screamer and landed a cracking mirror of 29lb 7oz, and just as I was weighing it my other rod roared off and resulted in a low twenty common.

“Rob didn’t hesitate to adapt to the zigs and it hadn’t even been out 30 seconds when he was away! It was absolute carnage and by the morning we’d received 35 bites, with our two biggest fish coming at the same time. Unfortunately I then had to go to work.

“Often when zig fishing the hooked to landed ratio is a lot lower than when fishing on the bottom, but in my eyes the Mixa hook has changed that completely – I was using the size 8 – and I now suffer from far fewer hookpulls.”