Your chance to get a ticket on the superb Embryo Angling waters!

Embryo Angling has been a huge success since it’s inception around 18 months or so ago and with plenty more to follow!

Part of it’s remit was to protect as many fisheries as possible via the installation of otter fencing, and it has been successfully doing so and that has included a number of donated jobs where Embryo covered all or most of the costs involved in erecting the fencing.

Those who received the donated jobs were all open-access clubs with a community focus, and these sort of projects will be continuing throughout 2016, plus Embryo is offering cut price fencing for everyone else as the organisation was set up simply to cover it’s overheads on these jobs.

Korda boss Danny Fairbrass set up Embryo as a way of putting something back into carp fishing, and as well as protecting fisheries from predation, they have also been taking on waters which can be developed for the future.

These venues have all been ones that no one else wanted to run and which were in need of work, and in some cases additional stocking, and so far three have been opened up to anglers and a lot of money invested in them.

The 11 acre Stanton Harcourt water is an old gravel pit in Oxfordshire with 60 or so original fish, including some lovely scaly ones which run to upper 30s. Like all of the venues, there are midweek and weekend syndicates in operation, with 25 members on each and a waiting list in operation, and this ensures that there are always people on the venue and the angling pressure is spread out.

In Cambridgeshire, Embryo has taken on Cawcutts Lake, near Histon, and as well as the 15-20 original fish to mid-30s that were left in there, a further 240 carp have been stocked and are already starting to pile on the weight. On this water there are 30 each of midweek and weekend syndicate tickets, and a waiting list is in operation.

Hull, in East Yorkshire, is an area that isn’t exactly known for having large numbers of carp venues, but Embryo’s South Ings Lane complex looks to have a very bright future following the work that has been carried out and the fish that have been stocked.

Around 150 VS Fisheries fish have been stocked, mostly a mixture of heavily scaled ones and Harrow mirrors which have the pedigree to grow very big in the future and are already beginning to pack on the weight after being put in at 8-17lb. There are also around 20 fish that came from the Lea Valley, mainly commons and amongst the larger fish in the venue, and again have a history of growing to large sizes.

Currently there are still a few spare places on the South Ings Lane syndicate and it is a great water to join for the future whilst you are still able to get a ticket, as once these fish really begin to grow places won’t be easy to come by!

For more details on any of the fisheries and otter fencing services, or to get your name on the waiting list for any of these waters or apply for a South Ings Lane ticket now, email: tim@embryoangling.org