Xmas DVD

If you’re looking to add to your DVD collection this Christmas then, alongside Thinking Tackle Season Six, we have another suggestion for you! Lifting The Lid on Gravel Pits features Korda’s Mark Bryant and Trakker’s Richard ‘Cash’ Farnan. The duo tackle Hardwick Smiths lake on the Linear Fisheries complex, with underwater cameras documenting their every move.
Underwater filming specialist, Stuart Morgan, heads out into Hardwick to check out the topography (and to see just how accurate out marker float work is!) as well as seeing exactly how the lad’s tactics look from the carp’s eye view. Stu examines their rigs, bait and baiting tactics up close and the findings captivating.

Korda gaffer Danny Fairbrass watched the DVD and this is what he had to say about it:

“I have just finished watching Lifting the Lid and I have to say very well done to Mark, Cash and Stuart the underwater cameraman. There is not a single carp angler (myself included) that will not learn from this DVD, the underwater footage gives us all an INVALUABLE insight into the carp’s domain.
The guys certainly do lift the lid on baiting up, casting to a marker, PVA, how the rig sits and works underwater, and bite indication, things that will help us ALL to hone our skills. Added to that is Stuart’s footage of some of the features on one of the country’s premier day-ticket waters. It takes a great deal to impress me these days and this one did!”

Lifting the Lid is available from: www.liftingthelidon.co.uk or your local stockist at a price of £9.99.