Worth Being Late For - Harvey Watson

I arrived at the lake at around four o’clock on Tuesday the 25th of March. After a quick look around I noticed a few fish fizzing and rolling over a silt gully in front of a swim called The Dugout. From previous sessions I knew there was a gravel bar that ran 35 yards out and behind the bar was a narrow strip of silt, which ran between the gravel bar and large weedbed. As there where fish in the area already I decided to cast a single hookbait out onto the spot. The rig I used was a hinged stiff rig, as the presentation would be perfect over the silt. The rig consisted of a size-six Korda Choddy hook, 15lb Mouthtrap, 15lb N-Trap Soft, coupled with 6ft of leadcore, and a lead clip and a 1oz pear lead. I used a BM Baits white Marathon pop-up.
Befor casting out I made sure the hook was sharp and everything was perfectly balanced in the margin. I cast the short distance to just beyond the fizzing and allowed the lead to swing back towards me to keep disturbance to a minumum. The telltale soft thud of the lead indicated that I had hit the spot. I then sat back and watched as the sun went down. Once it got dark I decided to introduce twenty baits, the chosen bait was BM baits Red Squid. Throughout the night I had several liners but to this led to nothing and at 3am the liners had eased. I woke at first light to watch the water, and throughout the morning I saw fish show and fizz just beyond the zone.
At 8.48am I recived a savage take, which immediately took me into the weed bed behind the spot. After steady pressure I managed to get the fish free from the weed. A long, hard battle under the rod tip ensued before the fish slipped into the net. With assistnace from some of my mates we weighed and photgraphed the fish, known as Shoulders, at 32lb 14oz. Once everone deparded from my swim I was left to pack up and go back to college, although I’d already missed the first lecture, but seeing as I was doing a fisheries course the lecturers didn’t mind too much and concratulated me instead!
Harvey Watson