World Champs Day Two - James Armstrong

Carp Fishing World Championships - Day Two

It was during breakfast that we logged on to find out the scores on the doors, things didn’t look good. It was 7am and the leaderboard read Romania in first position, closely followed by Bulgaria and then s champions South Africa. However, there were a few teams in the mix. The England pairs were up all night, they fished out of their skin; introducing baits, recasting, tying up rigs and doing everything that they could, but just couldn’t get into the fish. With only 24kg on the board they were down in 14th position. Nevertheless, a day of action would’ve changed things.
The Wildbore brothers were soon into a few fish having altered their tactics to some high attract bottom baits fished at range. This pumped them up a little. Then, it was Bartlett and Hewitt’s turn to up their position in Section A, and a flurry of consistent action came to their rods. Although they were consistent in catching, what wasn’t so consistent was the size of carp. In fact, it was only one in four carp that actually made the grade. In the meantime, the host nation Romania were pulling away.
It was time for a tactical change in the England camp. Kia Sanger and Jack Stamp had fished marvellously well and caught carp but unfortunately only one made the grade of 1.5kg plus. Extreme distance was required, so the management team made the decision to make a substitute and put in the big casting duo of Jamie Londors and Billy Flowers. This was a sure sign of the strength in depth of the England team and it looked like it made an immediate impact as they landed a fish straight away…again, a non weigher, though. The teamwork was incredible as Jack and Kia sat behind them just as enthusiastic as they were in the swim offering advice and encouragement.
It was frustrating times for the guys because carp were being caught all around them that seemed to be of a better stamp. There’s no doubting the efforts of our guys and they’re continuing to leap forward. Come on boys keep going!

At this moment in time, the leaderboard reads.
Romania: 4 points
South Africa: 12 points
Latvia: 15 points
Bulgaria: 16 points
Portugal: 18 points