World Carp Champs Update

Carp Fishing World Championship Update…Day One – James Armstrong

To say this event has kicked off in style would be an understatement. While sitting here on my sun lounger in the soaring temperatures of Romania I must say that so far the event has been one heck of a spectacle.
Having seen the teams enter the building pair by pair, it was like they were part of a World Cup football team. It was amazing as foreign film crews, paparazi, and of course our Thinking Tackle crew, who are filming the match every step of the way, barged their way in to snap their fishing heroes. This is one series event and now I knew it!
The first evening was the welcoming party. Each team; with some major countries competing; South Africa, France, Spain, Italy to name but a few, were welcomed to the dancefloor to share in some traditional Romanian Morris dancing, or at least that’s what it looked like. Our very own Jake Wildbore was tapping away like Lord Of The Dance. The meal was excellent, food for kings, as we banqueted under the huge marquee, which was dressed with fairy lights and other decorations to mark the moment. A wonderful night was had by all, before Captains Ian Huntingdon and Pete Holehouse called time to get the England team back for some shuteye before the welcome parade in the morning.
They needed to be fresh and ready to rumble.
As usual, the next day dawned bright and sunny and each team was allocated a beautiful, female flag bearer to march each country forward.
Then, each team was to jump onto the parade buses, which toured the town of Constanta. Crowds of locals were built up on the streets of the event cheering and smiling as each team waved their flag with pride. It really is a major competition and an eye opener as to how much respect each team received.
And that’s where we are so far in the adventure. The England team are currently prepping hundreds of bags in their hotel rooms and in an hours time Ian and Pete, the two England Captains will go for a meeting to sort out their sections. It’s all go and the match hasn’t even begun. Keep an eye out tomorrow as we bring you the latest update, it’s set to be an amazing adventure. Come on England!!