World Carp Champs Day Three - James Armstrong

Carp Fishing World Championships – Day Three

The day dawned misty and cloudy, it was far chillier than previous days. I was sure that the night would’ve brought some luck to our boys. They’d worked tirelessly at their fishing; baiting up, tying up fresh bags, recasting every 15 minutes, in fact they could do no more. Upon shovelling in my first spoon of cereal, I fired up the laptop to take a close look at the second night’s happenings. Romania was absolutely obliterating the match on a staggering total that was well over 850kg. All three of their sections were doing well meaning that they had the lowest number of points. The team with the lowest number of points wins the competition.
It is a match of teamwork so each country needs all three sections to be working in unison in order to be triumphant. The home nation was being followed by Bulgaria and to my surprise Portugal, who were never really recognised as a big player, had leapfrogged up the table sending the South Africans down into seventh.
Our first port of call was to the Wildbores, in Section C, because we’d heard that their swim was livening up and the fish had finally moved onto their baited areas. The brothers were working beautifully; while one was in battle, the other was baiting up via the throwing stick. Six takes later and the sacks were bulging with carp. It was a flurry of morning action and most were looking like they would break the 1.5kg mark. It also gave us an opportunity to take a quick insight into their rigs. They were fishing size 4 Kurvs to 18mm paste-wrapped bottom baits. The hooks were whipped knotless knot style to N-Trap coated braid with the last inch or so stripped back. To encourage this rig to flip they’d shrunk a section of shrink tubing over the eye. It looked bang on and would catch carp anywhere in the world, especially these Romanian fish that featured particularly large mouths.
It was then weigh in time and five out of the six were weighed in. During the night the Wildbores managed to land over 15 carp, which was a fantastic reward for their efforts, but amazingly it slowed down shortly after the morning spell whilst Bulgaria in the very next peg were catching one after the other.
Hewitt and Bartlett were also bagging up, but still at a slower rate than those surrounding them. By 17:30, they’d bagged 37 carp, but it unfortunately didn’t do a lot to the scoreboard sitting in 18th place. B Section, where Flowers and Londors took over from Sanger and Stamp, was still ridiculously slow with nothing more added to the scoresheet.
As I speak, Bulgaria is making headway on the leaders and it’s getting into a nailbiting stage of the match. It’s panic stations for Romania and they must continue their success in order to keep Bulgaria from their heels. In fact, I’ve just been informed that the Romanian swim in C Section, the most productive area, has slowed right down. It’s going to be a photo finish I think!
I wish England luck for the final evening and night, maybe they can up a few places by morning. I want to add that I have seen a magnificent display of angling by our boys who have worked their socks off day and night. They’re just not getting the rub of the green for whatever reason. Good luck boys!