World Carp Champs Day One - James Armstrong

World Carp Championships Day One – James Armstrong

One of the most prestigious carp events in the world has finally begun. The day dawned bright and early, with the England boys setting the alarm for 6am to demolish some food before the long three days ahead. Having bumped along the cobbly Romanian roads, we eventually arrived at the huge Lake Corbu, which is in excess of 1500 acres – daunting huh?
First things first, the draw took place in a dedicated headquarters right next to the windswept pit. Fish were boshing everywhere and it was set to be a remarkable occasion. All the big names were drawn out of the hat with Romania and South Africa receiving particularly satisfying pegs. Each team has three pairs of anglers, which are chosen to fish in either A, B or C section.
Kev Hewitt and Mark Bartlett were to fish A, Kia Sanger and Jack Stamp section B with the WIldbore brothers in C section. The England lads all received respectable draws and Ian Huntingdon, England’s Manager, quoted that he was particularly happy with the A1 draw, which was an end peg for Bartlett and Hewitt.
The match got underway as a firework was launched into the sky and so it commenced. All three pairs were well rehearsed having tied up literally hundreds of rigs and PVA stringers, complete with hook baits in their rooms the previous day. These were wrapped in a Mainline paste to give off ultimate attraction in the turbid, murky waters of Corbu. The throwing sticks were removed from the bags and in tandem each pair blasted several kilos of bait out to their marks. It was fantastic angling as they landed their leads and baits on a six pence. Bartlett and Hewitt dropped a fish early on, but it was slow going.
The wind was making things difficult in section C, where the Wildbores were positioned, but with low casting they kept their leads cutting through the wind and were immediately in a rhythm. All England pairs were fishing similarly incorporating inline leads and coated hook links.
News soon arrived that the four-times champions South Africa were straight into action, shortly followed by the home nation, Romania. They were clearly on fish and set on fishing single hook baits quite literally as far as they could cast, while baiting up a closer range spot too. They are a canny pairings, baiting up while nicking bites at the same time at range. I will be delving inside the South Africans minds more during the match because they have some intriguing tactics.
The England boys persevered however and the Wildbores were rewarded with their first couple of fish. We were off the mark and hopefully it’s a sign of things to come. What will the night bring? There’s only 15kg or so in it so it could all change in the blink of an eye. I will update you again tomorrow. Oh yeah, don’t forget to take a look at our Facebook page as we’ve captured some special parts of the day on video, including the unmissable South African Haka, tight lines, Jimmy.