Work party disturbance attracts a big common for Gavin Cain!

Gavin Cain has been having a fantastic run of fish from several different Essex club waters in recent weeks, including several high 30s!

Concentrating on a couple of club lakes that anyone can fish on the Colchester APS ticket, Gavin tackled Bovington One for a 39lb common, and then followed it up with a 38lb linear from Bovington Two.

Gavin explained: “I’d been after the common for a couple of years so it was great to get it and it was quite unusual how I caught it.

“I’d had a few blanks on the lake for the carp and there was a work party going on where they were re-building one of the swims and driving poles into the ground. But that didn’t seem to bother the carp and I saw some in the edge after they’d finished, so I cast a rig across a couple of rod lengths off of the bank on a silty/sandy spot where I could feel a drop but it wasn’t that hard.

“I baited with about a kilo of Mainline Cell boilies and that was all I put in as I didn’t want to attract too many tench, which can be a real nuisance on this water.

“When the take came I only had a single bleep and that must have been when it dropped the lead, but at first I assumed it was a bream, and then when I had a few more bleeps I was thinking maybe a tench, then it ripped off and I got stuck in my sleeping bag trying to get out!

“Not long after catching that one I managed to get the linear out of Bovington Two and I had it in a retaining sling whilst I waited for my mate Elliott to come down and do some photos, but it managed to escape – I wasn’t too upset as it was one that I had caught before, just not when it was as big as that.”

Both fish fell to Cell boilies fished on size 8 Longshank hooks shrink tube line aligners to 20lb N-Trap Semi-Stiff, with lead clips and Kable leadcore to 15lb Touchdown main line.