Winter Wonderland - Sam Pryor

Sam Pryor made the most of a rainy winter session recently, bagging some cracking fish after employing some sensible tactics! Here’s his story…

“After my girlfriend made several attempts to stop me going fishing due to the Stour and the Avon making every meadow look like the Solent, I managed to arrive at Somerley Estate at around 9am. The first half an hour held very little enjoyment, as I set my kit up in the middle of a torrential downpour, and discovered my once-loved army jacket wasn’t actually waterproof.

I made a couple of flicks with a light lead and found two reasonably deep silt spots. Sometimes carp fishing can be overcomplicated and with the conditions how they were, with no hesitation I attached two pre-tied rigs made with Korda N-Trap soft, size-six Wide Gapes, fished blowback style with some shrink tube. I attached two five-bait bags, cast them to the clips and catapulted 50 freebies around each rod. I slackened both lines off and I was fishing. After the sprint to get my kit set up, thinking it was going to rain all day. It stopped.

My good friend Mike arrived as the rain stopped with more kit than a three-month camper. In hindsight he may have been a bit hasty but I wasn’t going to complain; we almost had a chalet to hide in. Only two hours later I received a drop back, followed by several tufties emerging above my rod, I wandered over and tightened up, only to feel some unexpected resistance. I lifted into a decent fish, which performed heroically throughout the fight, eventually landing a 34lb 4oz mirror known as Bazil, which is arguably one of the best fish in the lake. We couldn’t help but chuckle as we stood soaking wet in the rain.

The rest of the night went very quiet, but I had the best food I’ve ever experienced on the bank. Mike knows his stuff. Hunters chicken with mash and veg, chocolate trifle and coffee cake for afters. Followed by bacon and egg filled cheesy torpedoes for breakfast, I could have caught nothing that trip and I would have had a great session!”