Winter Wonderland - Ian Bailey

Well folks, winter is here. The clocks are back, the biting cold winds are upon us and it's time to start winter angling. If you do it properly, winter fishing can be extremely rewarding and some big carp can be achieved at their biggest weights.
I've recently been targeting a lovely little water in the Lea Valley, which holds some cracking, old warriors. I have been lucky enough to land a few in the past, but there were still a couple that evaded capture, and it was these that I returned for.
Having had a good think about my tactics, I decided to go for fluorocarbon leaders, made out of my trusty IQ Soft, and incorporated blowback rigs. I attached snowman rigs to these.
After blanking on my first session, I decided that consistent baiting on a little-and-often basis would be key to my success. I kept the bait trickling in and was eventually rewarded - firstly, with a beautiful linear and then two of my target fish, a 29lb mirror and The Big Common at 35lb plus. I won't go into too much detail because I have covered the story fully in Carp Talk, so keep an eye out. You can also read my encounter on the article page which will be going on in the next couple of weeks. Keep angling through the colder month's folks, they're there to be had.

Ian Bailey