Winter Whacker - Neil Spooner

Just before the end of last year Jonny Mann and I had an overnighter planned down at my syndicate lake, Star Lane. Unfortunately, things didn’t go to plan and it wasn’t until the 11th January that we ventured down to the lake. We had managed to get down and prebait a couple of likely looking areas. Thankfully, we managed to secure those swims and after much messing around eventually had our rods positioned.
After a couple of hours spent putting the world to rights, we turned in for the night. I was awoken by a couple of bleeps at 3.30am and upon inspection, the bobbin crept up a tiny bit more. That was all the information I needed so quickly picked up the rod and walked backwards as I was fishing tight to a reed bed.
After a brief battle where the carp did very little other than use its weight, I was pretty sure I was into a good fish. I saw it once before netting and realised my suspicions were confirmed and then into the net she went.
I woke Jon and he helped me weigh her and, at 30lb 12oz, she was an amazing way to start the year. I recognised her as a fish called Lippy and one that I hadn’t caught before.
Elliott arrived at first light and as usual took some awesome shots and for some reason the traffic jams didn’t seem quite as bad that morning!