Winter Warm-Up - Dan Bruton

This year I’ve been off the radar due to fishing a no-publicity venue. With unusually prolonged spawning period there, I obtained my winter water ticket earlier than expected so that I had somewhere to angle for a few weeks. I felt it would also give me a head start in learning the lake and the habits of the carp that reside there.

The lake in question gets very weedy in the summer months so I knew I’d need to be finding spots and baiting fairly tightly, so a marker/lead set-up and spod played a huge part in enabling me to fish as effectively as possible. I started baiting clear areas with my ever-faithful Trent Baits Freshwater Shrimp boilies and action came much quicker than I bargained for! Within just a handful of nights fishing I’d grabbed myself 12 carp and there were some stunners in amongst them. One in particular was a very dark mirror, which came in blistering heat. I also cottoned on to a very close-in spot that the fish would show near, and then drift in for a feed. One particular night I had five bites and after each fish I was topping the spot up with Freshwater Shrimp pellet, corn and broken boilie.

My successful set-up was a multi-rig, incorporating N-Trap soft, coated braid, with size-6 Wide Gapes attached to the new quick-release lead clips and a length of Dark Matter tungsten tubing. Losing the lead on the take is paramount when fishing in such weedy conditions and the new lead clips have done the job perfectly!

Be Lucky