Winter Reflections - Etienne Gebel (Germany)

It seems that the winter here in Germany, and throughout Europe, is never-ending! Are you guys also hungry for the new season like me? The lakes here have been literally frozen for month’s making it impossible to get the rods out. I haven’t seen myself on the bank fishing for carp since middle of December, only catching the odd pike on the river. That said, it would have been tricky anyway, as the show season has kicked into gear with exhibitions in Europe nearly every weekend to keep me occupied.

The only memory I have at the moment is the catch of some nice carp last season. On one of my clear pits I managed a couple of belting fish by offering a different approach to the norm. Not only was the camouflaging of my gear and end tackle mega important, the correct location and successful baiting tactics was too and it paid off handsomely.

Over a long time-period, before and after work, I consistently prebaited my spots with home made boilies in a mixture of sizes and varieties - sometimes 2-3 times a day. That could often mean standing in my waders at 3:00am scattering bait over my spots, then travelling more than 500 kilometres into the south of Germany to a Korda customer.

I would then work the whole day there before travelling more than 500 kilometres back directly to my water prebaiting again at 11:00pm – to say it was hard work, is an understatement of the century!
As you can imagine, it was very hard work but it was well worth the effort, because in a few short sessions I had some of the biggest ones in the lake smiling for the camera. Take a look at the pics and you’ll see just how fantastic these carp are.

The fish couldn’t recognise a fixed pattern of baiting, so I could catch them unawares – this was due to the irregular baiting strategy I incorporated. Additionally, there was always enough food spread out for every fish.

To sum up I just wanted to highlight the importance of effort as in my mind it will always equal reward. Good luck for the new season and I hope your lakes defrost soon.

Etienne Gebel