Winter hauling on the River Ebro!

Whitey Tours boss Brett White took a break from guiding on the Rio Ebro, in Spain, to invite friend, Stuart Everett, to come over and fish with him.

The four day trip got off to a slow start and the pair had to contend with strong winds which made fishing almost impossible for the first couple of days as they couldn’t anchor the boat and hold position.

Thankfully conditions finally turned in their favour and they were able to fish the areas that they had been baiting, resulting in a number of stunning 30lb-plus commons being brought to the boat.

Brett revealed: “With just two days left I was dreading waking up to the sound of the wind again, but when I opened the window all was calm and at first light we anchored up in the area we’d been baiting.

“We sat there for a couple of hours seeing the odd fish, mainly in the distance, but then as the sun finally broke through the cloud, Stu’s rod wanged over and the Baitrunner fizzed away.

“The carp here are the hardest fighting I’ve ever come across, wild river carp, and Stu’s fish was no different, and after a spirited battle a low twenty graced the net and it was a welcome relief to see him with his first Spanish carp.

“Stu managed to land another five fish during the course of the day to 34 lb 8 oz, all of them coming to his left-hand rod, whilst I lost a couple, including a heavy fish at the boat, before managing a consolation 32-pounder just before dark.

“The final day dawned and the sky was clear with no breeze, it was freezing and the boat was covered in frost as we made our way onto the river.

“As the sun rose over the mountains the carp showed along with the roach which are reaching huge sizes. There had been plenty of bait going in the swim over the last few days, so it was a case of putting a few pouches of boilies and pellet around each hookbait.

“I always like to use a PVA stick on the hook link and add Goo – King Crab had been doing well for me - to my stick mix to prevent it getting washed off on the way to the bottom in 30ft of water.

“My right hand rod was the first to go, and soon I’d had four fish over 30lb to 37lb 8oz. These Ebro carp seem to go round in groups of the same size, and so it proved that day as we steadily caught thirties.

“In the afternoon the skies darkened and a storm was brewing, so we went and took shelter under a bridge until it had passed and we could fish the last evening. Over the next two hours we had ten fish up to 37lb, and the roach also turned up with fish between 3lb and 4lb, but finally we had to call it a day as waves were crashing into the boat!”

All of their fish fell to brightly coloured hookbaits fished on snowman rigs with size 4 or 6 Kurv Shank XX hooks to 30lb Arma-Kord hook links, Kable leadcore leaders, and 15 lb Subline main line.